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Echo Delicate

ICENEL Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue|No Irritation|No Fume|7-8weeks Retention


ICENEL PROFESSIONAL eyelash glue satisfies both safety and retention as well as initial hardening time. It is a premium glue that has stability of the existing low stimulus glue. Also shortened hardening speed and extend retention power


ICENEL Premium Echo Delicate is FUME, LATEX, ODOR and IRRITATION free product for PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIANS use ONLY. Package comes with Eyelash extension glue, Glue Pallet, and Pin & Silica gel that will prevent the adhesive from drying out

Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate 90%, Dihydroxy benzene 1%, Isocyanic acid polymethylene polyphenylene ester; Polymethylene polyphenylene isocyanate 9%, Carbon Black 1%


Clean the cosmetic stain and dust near the eyes
Keep false eyelashes clean and neat which to procedure
Explain enough to the customer before the procedure
When you are ready for the procedure, take appropriate amount and apply glue to the false eyelashes properly

Glue react immediately with air and moisture as they open and harden, so you should know how to store them correctly

Close the cap tightly, store it in the aluminum pack with silica gel while zip-locked and store in the refrigerator
Avoid heat/humidity/direct sunlight as much as possible
If you use glue directly out of the refrigerator, it may cause dew condensation inside due to temperature difference with room temperature. Please use it after 20 minutes minimum at room temperature before use

5 months if not opened, 2 months after opening. Please note that the characteristics may change depending on humidity and temperature. The good environmental humidity of glue is 50% ~ 70% RH.

Please DO NOT use for other purposes than eyelash extension procedure
Be sure to close the cap after opening
Please DO NOT use after 2 months of opening the bottle
Store at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight 1 hour before the procedure
Procedure carefully the glue not to reach the skin completely
Keep away from children
If any kind of skin trouble and allergy occurs, see a medical specialist
If the glue gets into your eyes, go directly to see a medical specialist
During the procedure, the eyes may be temporarily dazzle, but this symptoms will be disappeared completely as the glue is completely dried


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